Dobermanpruss Admin Applications

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Dobermanpruss Admin Applications

Post by dobermanpruss » July 29th, 2020, 2:29 am

Name(s) (dobermanpruss, dobermanpruss#4811,US.NAVY CAMPTIN ET):
Country: America
Timezone: Eastern Daylight Time
Age: 18
Languages Spoken: English and German
How long have you played on hippie?: 2019/03/20
What brought you to hippie?:The code base and how its easy but different to other severs
Why do you want to become admin?:I feel as if i would be a good asset to the hippie station community within helping the player base.
Any previous admin apps or experience?:I ran a GarrysMod sever for a long time but the game was burnt out on me
Any additional information:
Videos showing robustness:
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Re: Dobermanpruss Admin Applications

Post by carlospaul » August 2nd, 2020, 1:52 am

you gotta ask me to trialmin you when I am on. Or DM me on discord and tell me to get on to trial you.
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