[Unknown] ban request by Omnitricks

Request that another user is banned here.
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[Unknown] ban request by Omnitricks

Post by omnitricks » January 19th, 2020, 5:38 pm

Your CKey: Omnitricks
Your Character Name: Cohen Lord

Offenders CKey: Hayden Cowart
Offenders Character Name: Unknown
Round ID: 48434
Link to logs:
Reason to ban: When I was in crit, took my body to the chapel to be burned. Having the detective revolver alone and not having used it on anyone other than a confirmed tator doesn't let you take valids on me you cunt.

Self explanatory. This guy was simply hunting for valids and took whatever excuse he could get to the extreme.
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Re: [Unknown] ban request by Omnitricks

Post by dannad » January 19th, 2020, 6:05 pm

Here's my position.
We couldn't find actual murderboner who shot brig and nuggeted people, and then found cohen's body in hallway. I pulled it into med to serach and found egun, 3 restrains and stunbaton. The thing is, i am smallbrained and didn't paid attention to his examine state. Having egun with a lot of restrains is kind of suspicious, so i decided not to clone him right now, until we found actual antag.
Later, when we found traitor, i told to clone his body over comms, nobody responded.
So, here goes my 1 day catban i guess? I hope you enjoyed it, idiot.
The funny thing is that you're talking about validhunting in your ban request, and having half of armory in you backpack yourself. Also totally lost medbay somewhere.
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