Ban appeal Glibik

Attempt to appeal a ban here.
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Ban appeal Glibik

Post by Glibiik » January 13th, 2020, 7:16 pm

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2020-01-03 #30413
Disconnected during an ahelp

Was planning on leaving game as sciguy but some dude golemed into a shell I made and evac was coming anyway so was like fuck it I can hang around another five mins with my new born child (dad should be there for his kid after all) spanwed some non agro mobs in evac and around science and everything seemed chilld. Once I got into evac I hid in the med part with my baby boy but peeps started randomly shooting at us and someone started attacking my boy with a blade and smashing the windows trying to get in, they ended up killing my boy who did nothing wrong and after they tried to get in I spawned some mobs.

Now im like 90% sure I spawned them as non hostile as I did before at evac and some retard who was apart of the gang trying to bust in and shoot at me hit them making em agro, if I mixed up my syringes then I apolgise for the fuck up on my part but don't think some people dying on the shuttle one minuit before the game ends is the biggest of deals even more so when they were for no reason killing my golem and shooting at me.

Said what I thought had happend in dead chat and messesed the admin real quick once he BOINKED me but after said i had to brb intended to leave a few minuits back and didn't really wanna stick around for ten more minuits as the admin sorted it out.

TL:DR didn't mean 2 kill no one but don't think a few peeps dying one minuit before the game ends when those people were attacking me first is the biggest reason for a perma, throw in a week or month or whatever or just job ban from sci guy for awhile would be far more fair, i get the perma is for leaving while BOINKED but I prefered to take the time to write it now rather then when I was planning on going out.
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Re: Ban appeal Glibik

Post by Nathanel13 » January 18th, 2020, 4:08 am

I think I was online when this happened and I asked batty to handle it for some reason. Anyways, +1 you didn't get banned for this long because of your actions, it was because you disconnected during ahelps. It's been 15 days or so, that's long enough imo.
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Re: Ban appeal Glibik

Post by Lunaman223 » Yesterday, 2:48 pm

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