Carlospaul complaint by Deskdrawer

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Re: Carlospaul complaint by Deskdrawer

Post by Turret »

Meh, the ban has expired already

Nonetheless, I don’t think it’s really fair to make a longer server ban over something that stupid like shitposting in ahelps. Keep in mind he’d still get destroyed by the players, and Carlos could bus him for a bit for his own amusement after that ahelp came in.

And no, Carlos, this is from a neutral point of view.

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Re: Carlospaul complaint by Deskdrawer

Post by Nathanel13 »

Can you guys give reasons when you put down - 1s or + 1s? Honestly DeskDrawer, I feel like you're getting bad treatment because you are in fact a furry, and the profile picture. I'm guilty of doing that to you also. That said though, you've been pretty okay in this complaint, and judging by a few of the responses it looks like most of the other people just skimmed this complaint and thought "uhh dumb furry needs to make an appeal haha".

In my opinion, this is weird. I don't know, if you're going to give out a punishment, give it out and stick with it. If you gloated in ahelps about how you love being a cat and this fulfilled some sort of fantasy then maybe an upgrade would be necessary. You killed someone because you were dumb, you knew it was wrong, you were fine with the punishment because it seemed fair. This is like, every admins dream, what the fuck? People realizing they fucked up and taking the punishment without overly bitching? This should have just been left at the one day catban imo and Carlos should have just adminbussed you with gorillas or some shit for the next day until the ban was up. I'm going to move this to accepted unless some of the other admins that put - 1 elaborate on their votes.
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Re: Carlospaul complaint by Deskdrawer

Post by carlospaul »

You all make some pretty good points. The overwhelming rage I felt when he responded with “meow I’m a cat”, I just couldn’t stop myself from dishing out further punishment.