Ban Requests are slowly dealt with, do not get your hopes up.

Request that another user is banned here.
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Ban Requests are slowly dealt with, do not get your hopes up.

Post by Dwarf » June 20th, 2019, 9:50 am

It's not possible to force people on the staff team to work on Ban Requests. Grabbings logs from previous rounds is a nightmare, combined with the logger also being inaccurate with the logs, and both sides of the story sometimes not being present, makes them a complete chore.
Don't expect it to be dealt with quickly. If it's something major, like an honest to god griefer running around murdering everyone because no admins, it'd be faster to just ping admins on the discord and grab screenshots.
You can also put @here, @everyone or @admin in your adminhelp to ping all of the admins on the server. Feel free to do this if there's been a lot of grief for the past few hours and no admins are answering your adminhelps. This is not a guarantee that an admin will hop on to help you.
Abuse this just to be annoying, or for things that really do not need it (e.g regular/poorly escalated fights, IC issues, etc.) and we'll catban you for two days. Abuse it again, or abuse it while you're already catbanned, and we'll ban you from the server for two weeks instead. Then two months, then permanently.

Besides those extreme cases, digging through these logs and trying to make out a story for one random, convoluted murder is tedious and usually goes no where.
If you seriously think a player has done something grievous enough to deserve punishment, even if it happens to take a month, then feel free to make a thread. Otherwise, don't get your hopes too high.
Peanut wrote: You're seriously gonna let this dude go? He murdered me for no reason when admins on!
Probably. I know a lot of you guys like to spew IC in OOC when no admins appear to be on, and grief more when admins aren't on. I know none of you adminhelp when no admins are on to begin with, despite some of us being stealthminned, AFK, or actually willing to check the discord when we're awake for adminhelps coming in when there are no players on. You're probably already aware that there's a good chance that, when there's no admins on, that guy's gonna get away with it.
If it's not an insanely obvious case of grief, he probably did. You're gonna have to get over it, it's just a game. Alt-tab and play Rimworld.

tgstation has also removed ban requests years ago, so it's not like this is just a HippieStation problem.