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The Average Players Guide to Getting a Ban Request Accepted

Posted: August 26th, 2019, 3:23 am
by Nathanel13
The Average Players Guide to Getting a Ban Request Accepted

This is just a short check list of things you can include in your ban request to make things as smooth as possible for us. Do you need to do this? No, absolutely not, but if you're going to spend the time writing a ban request, you might as well follow these tips to ensure that the offender gets banned if necessary.

  • Follow the Format!

Did you know there is a ban request format? Follow the format, so we can easily read your ban request. This isn't made to make things difficult for you, it's to make it easier for us to get the information we need so we can investigate.

  • Be Concise!

We don't need your life story in order to ban the guy, but you should make sure to include all relevant details. Person x should be banned because they did y, and z as a non-antag; this is sufficient enough. Make sure it's a clear timeline of what happened and why it deserves a ban.

  • Include Logs!

It only takes a few seconds to grab logs, but those few seconds could save potentially hours (seriously, log diving is tedious) of admin time. This is even more true if there are multiple ban requests. The details in your ban request will still be confirmed, but having something to work off of will cut a large amount of time off the investigation process.

  • Take Screenshots!

Seriously, take screenshots of what happened, upload them to imgur or directly to your post and make sure they are clear and portray what is going on. We don't need pictures of the whole station but if you're accusing someone of killing you and you attach an image of that person surrounded by corpses and holding your head it paints a decent picture. We will still look into round logs, but including this will help us build a narrative.

  • Be Patient!

We surprisingly have lives also! Unfortunately, we don't get paid to administrate or check logs. All of these things are done during our free time out of love for the game. There's no pay, no medical benefits, no dental, no 401k, no anything. We'll do our best to take care of things for you, but if your request has been sitting for a while don't get too upset. With that said you can always ping us on discord if it has been a few days with no response. Finally,

  • Follow up!

You'd be surprised (maybe not) how many great admin applications, mentor applications, various other forum posts I've seen that get sent to the denied section because the original posters never followed up on it. You don't need to be on the forum religiously but if you want a persons actions to be noted or punished you need to follow up. We may have questions, may post responses, or you may have to dispute something that the person you are accusing is arguing. If you take the effort to make a ban request, the least you can do is follow up with it to ensure it gets resolved successfully.

This isn't a conclusive list, but hopefully these pointers will help you when making ban requests in the future. These are things that I have personally wished people did when they made ban requests and I speak for myself when I say that these notes definitely help me resolve cases and finalize ban requests. I may update this in the future, so feel free to check this topic often.