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Posted: June 20th, 2019, 9:26 am
by Dwarf
We don't care about the opinion of some random nerd on a ban appeal, request, or admin complaint. If you aren't involved, and don't have anything somewhat insightful to say, then stay out.
The occasional meme is fine, but if it's unfunny or just shitting up the thread then fuck off. Put it in a post that actually means something and can add to the thread, states your opinion in the matter, or don't post it.

"What's insightful?"
Something the admin or player has done in the past, similar to what the OP is complaining about, which was either allowed or not allowed. If that player happens to be you, that's fine.
Supplying logs or pointing out something in the thread (e.g someone not paying attention) is also fine, assuming it actually means something beyond gossip.

"What's NOT insightful?"
Something completely unrelated, randomly saying "yeah admin/player sux", responding to another player's posts with complete garbage, basically something that has nothing to do with the complaint at hand.
Engaging in fights in threads, especially when neither of you were actually involved in what the OP is talking about, is also dumb trash.

Nobody gives a flying fuck otherwise about what you have to say on a thread. Admin Complaints are for higher-ups, or the admin themselves, to address something that a player has a problem with. Ban Appeals are for players wishing to be unbanned from the server, or pointing out an admin's faulty rulings. They are NOT comment sections about what an admin has done. If you want that, go to Admin Input.