Admin Promotion Guideline - by BardOfRage

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Admin Promotion Guideline - by BardOfRage

Post by Carbonhell » August 26th, 2018, 12:29 am

Hello, this post has been made to clarify the process of becoming a Game Admin and beyond for anyone who may want to know, in particular anyone interested in joining the team.

APPLYING - When making your admin application, first and foremost you need to be honest in your appeal and to be at least 16 years old. You’re expected to state any other ckeys you may have and need to have no active server bans on any of them. A relatively clean record is required, we’re not asking you to be a saint, but someone with a record of metagaming isn’t likely to be accepted.

FIRST TRIALS - When you begin as a Trialmin you’ll need to be supervised by a GM or HA who will show you the ropes and observe the way you handle ahelps and gauge your grasp on the rules. During this stage, you must observe and cannot play during the duration of your trial and do whatever is required of you by the GM or HA. At least one supervised trial is required for new admins, but depending on your level of experience you could expect more. Returning admins may be allowed to skip this process entirely.

BABYMIN - Being a babymin refers to a trialmin who is allowed to admin without the supervision of a higher ranking admin. This stage is where a new admin will learn most of the skills required of them moving forward. Here you will be expected to answer ahelps whenever possible to develop your skills. You may play during this stage if there is another admin online who is okay with you doing so. Failure to develop your skills over a long period of time, ignoring policy or adminbus without the supervision of a GA are sure ways to get yourself removed and your application denied. This is not a comprehensive list of things that can cause you to fail your trial, but just a few examples. This stage should be expected to last at least one month and perhaps more.

PROMOTION TO GAME ADMIN - Being promoted to Game Admin means you’ve proven yourself to be a capable admin with a firm grasp on the rules. This stage is the standard admin rank where you could stay for your entire time as an admin or move to higher ranking positions depending on the quality of your adminship and leadership skills shown. Admins at this rank are free to play without anyone else in the server, so long as they don’t ignore their admin duties. They are also allowed to decide for themselves if they wish to intervene in the round, as well as run events and thunderdome if they so choose. Game Admins can write their input on Github like any other player, but it will not be counted toward the votes required for a feature to be merged. Abusing your powers, and ignoring policy are some ways to get deadminned. You can remain as a GA for an indefinite amount of time.

PROMOTION TO GAME MASTER - When you’re promoted to Game Master, you’ve proven yourself to be a skilled admin with a firm grasp on the rules and good leadership qualities. This stage is the final stage before headmin and is endowed with more power, but also more responsibility. Admins at this rank have all of the privileges of the previous ranks, plus the privilege to trial new admins and authority over GA’s and TA’s. They will also be expected to vote on github on code changes, a GM vote is worth ½th of a headmins vote. All of the things that could get a GA deadminned could do the same to a GM. Going inactive without notice and for a long period of time is liable to get you demoted to GA. You could remain this rank indefinitely.

BECOMING A WIZARD - Head Admins are the highest ranking admins on the server, they’re the head honchos and they run the show. To be promoted to the rank of head admin you need to show all of the qualities present in a GM to a greater degree, as well as there being a vacant spot in the triumvirate of Headmins. When a Headmin steps down, unless it is for malicious reasons such as abusing, he is supposed to find another admin to replace him. Other Headmins must agree. The Headmin is usually selected from the GM pool, though there is nothing stopping them from choosing a GA. Trials and Players will typically not be chosen. Headmins are expected to carry out all of the responsibilities of GMs, handle promotions to GA and GM, vote on github and make executive decisions when required. Headmins now have access to the box, and are expected to maintain the server hardware to the best of their abilities. HAs could be demoted or deadminned for the same reasons as GMs.