EagleEyes and Maroon by Kendrickkorium

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EagleEyes and Maroon by Kendrickkorium

Post by Kendrickorium » June 13th, 2018, 7:47 am

When did this happen: 3:35 am 6/13
Round ID if applicable: 29195
Where did this happen (Server/forum/discord): server
What happened:

as captain, strolled into medbay as the shuttle was arriving, some grey shit fired what i thought was a shotgun at me and i immediately lasered him down
the station was fucking rekt at this point and i had just killed some shitter in the bridge
from what the admins told me it was actually a foam shotgun, and that it was "over escalation" snce i didnt apparantly stop to check if it was a foam shotgun

wasting my time and delaying the round end because some griefing shitter got dunked for acting like an antag is fucking retarded. waste of my time at best and banbaiting at worst
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Re: EagleEyes and Maroon by Kendrickkorium

Post by Lxtoofonea » June 13th, 2018, 2:24 pm

uh... there are a few things i see wrong with this if its not just a joke
a) the admin complaint section is not to complain about there admining style or there laxness or harshness.
b) someone shooting at you with a foam force shot gun is fairly obvious, so the fact that you killed him does show very bad escalation, so at the very least you needed to be talked to about it.
c) if you had just asked the admins "hay you mind if i get to the shuttle first?" or since it was near round end "can this wait until the end of the round since its almost over?" they most likely would have said "sure take your time" (i always do anyway, and i know eagle and maroon to by nice dudes).
so uh... no