GM and HA Complaint by Tranquill

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Re: GM and HA Complaint by Tranquill

Post by Tranquill » January 6th, 2019, 11:23 pm

bard wrote:
January 6th, 2019, 8:26 pm
Honestly, I do see the issues that led to you being deadminned. That being said, I'd be in favor of reinstating you and considering this your "serious warning" as KBB said.
Lxtoofonea wrote:
January 6th, 2019, 8:28 pm
Me TFW and bard voted after the fact, all for you to be removed. We talked to kbb about not making big dissensions like that on his on, or in this case, with only GM input. That being said i do not disagree with his dissensions, like xenon and meat said you were warned by them. Being an admin does not only require you not to abuse and to be active on the server, it also requires you to be able to work with other admins, and it seemed like all you would do related to other admins is shit post in the discord, insult people, and try to start shit. its fine doing most of these things (with the exception of trying to start shit) from time to time. take kbb for example, he knows whats a good time to shit post and when he needs to be serious.
Alright, Toof, I know you really don't like me, but come on. I know Xenon has said stuff to me in adminbus before, but as I said before, saying "cut it out kid" isn't a real official warning, nothing like "Hey, cut out what you are doing or risk being deadmined, idiot." Meat has never warned me, he jumps on the banter train directed at me all the time, he is pretty hypocritical to claim that he has warned me at all for the same activities he partakes in. I understand that it is an admin TEAM, but my banter, while annoying and excessive, isn't meant to be taken serious, 90% of what I say on discord is hogwash and all for fun. The only thing I do to "start shit" is by calling people names and nagging on people, as I said before all in good fun. It's not like I am going in secret discords or PMs and stirring up rumors and actually creating drama, which is a word some of you seem to associate with me, but I don't start drama, I just banter and it's always to your face, I don't keep a lot to myself. I'll admit, you're right in the sense that I do what I do too much.
Acidrain16 wrote:
January 6th, 2019, 8:59 pm
im pretty sure you were warned, and assumed it was banter, then kept doing whatever it was you were doing
We're back to assuming things it seems. I've never received an official warning but been told plenty of times things like "shut up retard" or the ole' "cut it out you fucking idiot."
Bargin Mart wrote:
January 6th, 2019, 9:17 pm
I've been telling you since you first got GA to cool it with the shit talk. But all I got out of you was pepe memes and garbage. You were like this before nex came back as well.
I've barely made conversation to you at all, so it seems hard for me to believe this. I cannot recall you EVER telling me to cool it and if you did it was like one time 1-2 months ago. Of course, I bantered a lot before Nex came back, he didn't trigger anything new out of me.
KBB wrote:
January 6th, 2019, 9:35 pm
fluxcapacitor1337 wrote:
January 6th, 2019, 8:38 pm
GMs who suggested deadminning without even properly warning Tranquill need punishment.
Lxtoofonea wrote:
January 6th, 2019, 8:28 pm
like xenon and meat said you were warned by them
As for Xenon's warning,
This is exactly what I meant by saying "I don't think Tranquill would respond to warnings in PMs."
Tranquill wrote:
January 6th, 2019, 7:43 pm

I find it hard to believe every Head Admin voted on me out since Bard and tfw both seem to point out that it was pretty much you who lead to doing it. It doesn't surprise me that MOST GMs are against it, I'd like to hear from each and every single one of them to actually prove they are against me since I can believe most would be, but not all. You seem to really paint me out as some bad guy by saying I was "going after him" even though all I did was banter heavily in asay, I did not once use my powers or anything beyond asay to do anything towards Nex and it is pretty ironic how he is defended so heavily, but early he was also spam pinging me. It just seems like he is able to fling at me, but I get punished for doing it back. You even express your disappointment for Nex baiting me, yet he receives nothing and all it took to deadmin me was bantering with him ingame, seems like a pretty petty reason honestly.

I respect you to a certain extent, KBB, but I find it very hard to believe you actually want me around and I'd prefer if you didn't pretend. So, you just started the vote because you ASSUMED I wouldn't accept a warning? That's ridiculous, I don't even get an official "cease your actions or get deadminned" because you thought I would "just tell me to fuck off or not take it seriously." It seems like a whole lot of assumptions here on top of this lackluster reasoning had got me deadminned because you think I would disregard an actual warning so I just don't get one. Other admins never say anything towards me openly most of the time, except for a few. Even your other GMs rarely say anything to me, let alone anything to constitute as a warning. Has a GM said stuff to me before? Yeah, not anything much though, usually it is just a "shut up and stop being annoying." I don't get how it was hard for an HA to say, "You either cut it out or you're gone." It seems everyone keeps their real talk of me in your channels, so I wouldn't have a chance to really see it anywho.

The times you did "warn" me were to stop memeing, usually, in adminbus which also could hardly be considered as an "official" warning, considering you've given other people warnings on that too, all the time. Your gay baby jails could be hardly taken as anything, besides a joke, especially when you did it to me 2-4 times a day, and that was pretty common. I am sure other admins have complained in the past how easily you will gbj someone even as a joke, but regardless you can't expect me to take that as much of a warning when sometimes it doesn't take much to land me there. I'll admit there have been a few times where I derailed serious conversation but, most of the time when I banter around it is when no one is really saying anything of importance or it is pretty quiet, I just ping someone to call them a name. That shouldn't stop you from sending a PM, though, even just saying "regardless if you take this serious or not, but you're risking a deadmin if you continue your actions." A lot of inaction going on here.

I understand that admins are held to higher standards than players when it comes down to answering tickets and bussing to spice up a dull round, I am always exhibiting professionalism. I have not had ONE admin complaint against me, ever. I sure hope you wouldn't care about me saying the word 'nigger' because even the guy I supposedly bullied, Nex, says it plenty in the public discord channels. I can understand how my pinging occasionally can be distracting, but all you gotta do is give me a serious cut it out and maybe sometimes I've missed the serious "cut it outs', but that's definitely some fault on my part. Although I don't distract from ingame, this is literally the one occasion you can think of that I distract an admin from doing stuff ingame, and that is even a great stretch as all I did was say things to him through asay. It seems you might as well, honestly, be an HA at this point given how the lack of obvious attention the server gets from them. At this point they just seem to let the GMs carry out a lot of this stuff I would consider to be HA duties, they even let you solely do this, partly because they weren't active enough to do it themselves, though if "the HAs were going to bring up your removal the next day" then touché. You didn't want to be the one to warn me but were more than happy to lead the deadminning against me. You should set a better example if you don't want people bantering so much and spamming pictures in adminbus. It seems to me that I am getting most of this scrutiny now after I am deadminned rather than trying to seriously address it to me when I still was an admin, and people would rather all throw it at me at once after I am gone. It really seems like faults on both parts here.

I am torn between whether I still want to admin here or not, since I do like adminning and it is the only thing that really keeps me on SS13, otherwise I'd just do other things and never play the game, but, at the same time, if this whole "me and Nex" incident ingame is all it took to send me out the door because most higher ups don't like me because I banter too much, then it really raises the question for myself to why I would want to return and if it is worth it.
If I hated you so much, I don't think I'd indulge in banter with you at all. I would probably just tell you to fuck off. While there are some times I've certainly done that, I don't actively try to remove you. There are GMs who certainly do hate you, but I'm not one of them, and in the past I've mentioned that you were annoying but didn't want you removed. I apologize for "painting you as a bad guy" but this is me speaking from a server that used to be nothing but gay admin drama, one hit piece after another, week after week. Head Admins metagaming, the Adminati, admin slackchat in-fighting, McBawbaggings, Spankmaster being made HA before being made admin at all resulting in half of the admin team quitting and tons of more drama (still worth it honestly), Admiral Hippie quitting, Jamie, the list goes on. It was tiring and boring to constantly see admins doing nothing but fighting with each other, especially so openly.

GMs don't talk to you because of that image I posted above. You may think my thought process is flawed, but if Xenon is telling the truth right then and there (even if it was just in adminbus) then there you go. You didn't respond to his warning at all and just called him a weeb, meaning that this has to now happen. I'd like to bring up again that the Head Admins had plans to bring up removing you from the team a day after this
I apologize to the heads if I'm GildedAge-ing them, but this is here to prove my point. Everyone was getting sick of your shit, and this was the last straw for us. It's not even about us babying Nex, I've called out Carbonhell time and time again for babying Nex, and I've been the main one going out of my way to warn Nex whenever he's fucked up. Nex and Tfw can vouch for this.
If the gay baby jails weren't serving properly as warnings, and neither was me or the other GMs telling you to cut the crap in adminbus directly, then I can agree that there are faults at hand here. Not to project, but I think the other GMs likely had the same problem I have, your banter and behavior made it so that none of us thought that warning you directly through messages would have gotten us no where, with you just insulting us or calling us sensitive. Is it petty? Yes, but it shows that none of us thought you were going to be a good team player, hence why the vote was started immediately.

You do make a very good point about you being a solid admin though. Which is why I, and the rest of the heads, want to reinstate you if you're willing to cut the bullshit. This of course relies on Nexendia and everyone else cutting the bullshit as well. If Nexendia starts spam pinging you, or sending you instant messages just startin fights, then that's not kosher and he's starting admin drama as well. Considering most of the HAs are willing to let you back in, I'm thinking that if you wanted to, this could all just be water under the bridge. It's a shame you think I hate you, because I really don't hate any of the admins. I hate admin drama, and I don't want it to start under any means, especially not involving trials that may be chased off. Carbonhell has cited this to me in the past and it's definitely something that's stuck with me, even with disagreements related to how much Nexendia should be given a pass and how much he should be told to grow up and stop being annoying.

So I'm leaving this up to you. If you want to come back then it seems like everyone's willing to let you back as long as you're willing to stop being annoying. Bard and Toof's messages above describe exactly what got on everyone's nerves. And I've learned some things about this as well, mostly to at least try before pulling the trigger on a whim. In short, you can walk away or you can come back and we'll just leave this as water under the bridge. I apologize for my quick action and lack of warnings, but I'm still sticking by the fact that the vote passed pretty much unanimously, the only GMs who didn't vote are Eagle and Maroon. Maroon generally stays out of stuff like this, and Eagle never said anything related to the vote. Other than that, everyone who did vote was against you. If you think that's enough to make you want to leave, then that's a shame, since there was genuinely funny banter to come out of all of this as well as a solid admin. But if you want to come back, then feel absolutely free.
I've never claimed Xenon hadn't said anything to me, he said something in adminbus sometime a while ago once or twice, barely recognizable in my opinion. I can see why you would think I wouldn't respond to PMs, but I would if it was a geuinely seriously PM, careful with the assumptions.

You can still hate someone and indulge in banter with them and you aren't gonna sway my opinion on that matter, but that's a different conversation for another day. Oh, I am well aware there are GMs who hate me for silly reasons, I can understand my excessive banter and meme pictures, but hating someone on that token is just a bit much. I know the server has had a lot of actual drama in the past, but my bantering can't really be considered drama. Everything I say is to people's faces and I guarantee you 99% of it is actual, for fun, bs. I don't incite drama, I just banter a lot. If the GMs don't choose to talk to me solely because I banter and post pepe pictures, like yourself and others, then that is their fault, unfortunately, as I cannot force people to talk to me. I probably did call Xenon a weeb when he gave me his "warning" which I'd like to see how long ago he gave this.

It seems they truly were sick of me, which also raises the question to why the Head Admins couldn't bring this up to me personally and why they have you carrying this out? They're supposedly the grand wizards here, overseeing everything and they cannot directly address me, who they see as a problem. It really does seem like you're babying Nex, though, considering what I said to him ingame to trigger you deadminning me wasn't really anything at all by Hippie standards. To add insult to injury, he was spam pinging me a lot that day, even shortly before I hopped ingame. That's like throwing rocks at a hornet's nest and getting mad when they buzz over to sting you.

No, the gay baby jails weren't a proper warning. You single-handedly made them mean nothing because of how frequently you put me, and other admins, in there. I can admit fault as I should have probably taken the few times a GM has said something more serious, but come on, this is all a really big stretch to get rid of me. I know I am perfectly capable of working in a team, as I do heaps in real life and other games that I play, but I can see why you would think otherwise here. You have to be able to see this from my point of view, it's hard for me to take a lot of things serious here because of how the community is as a whole. We're easily the most banter-driven, n-word dropping, meme-filled community in SS13, that I am aware of. We joke about a lot of things, even insulting each other all in good fun and I sincerely thought a lot of you would see that way too, but I guess not. It's a bunch of miscommunication on everyone's part. I can't read your guy's minds if you don't want to tell me something directly, I can't read your GM/HA channels.

I don't mind at all that Nex spam pinged me I would be hypocritical to actually care if he did, it's just unfair that I get punished for bantering, on Hippie Station mind you, when he has been messing around with me in discord for most of that day. I'm not going to run to a GM to cry that he is spam pinging me, I am going to mess with him back in good spirits, this isn't a game of telling on each other.

Sure, I'll come back, you aren't getting rid of me that easily.

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Re: GM and HA Complaint by Tranquill

Post by Dwarf » January 7th, 2019, 12:29 am

Tranquill wrote:
January 6th, 2019, 11:23 pm
Sure, I'll come back, you aren't getting rid of me that easily.

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ogay ur admin again :-DDDDD
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Re: GM and HA Complaint by Tranquill

Post by Xenon » January 7th, 2019, 9:15 pm