June/July updates + event

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June/July updates + event

Post by Carbonhell » July 27th, 2018, 7:47 pm

Hey, I thought that making a big announcement with all the important stuff we done and the next objectives we've set would be good, so here it is.
It is obvious that we have suffered a lot of issues from the start of this year, which got our population critically low for a period, with our worst moment being April, in my opinion. Several members of the community discussed about what the cause could be, ranging from code bugs, problems with our old host, problems with our current host, lag, the rules and our gameplay. In those two months (June and July), I for one worked hard towards fixing all the things that were taking us down, along with our whole staff team. The population seems to be growing slowly, now that most, if not all, the problems are gone. Here's a list of changes which everyone should be aware of, so that you know we're putting effort in this community and we ain't giving up anytime soon.

Complete access to all the servers related to the community has been given to the head admins;
The first cause of the crashes destroying our server's up-time has been tracked down, with it being the Timers subsystem going haywire, and has been fixed thanks to MrStonedOne;
Changelogs have been fixed after months of downtime, they require a head admin to push a single button on the server to update them and this is done periodically by us;
The wiki has been rebuilt completely after it got deleted, along with the forum, in the Jamie->Erik host swap, based on a /tg/ wikidump, so it already contains most of the game info;
Along with the wiki, a new team of wiki editors has been set up to keep it up to date with /tg/ and our changes;

A webmap of our station has been created by affected, https://affectedarc07.github.io/SS13Web ... index.html ;
The staff meeting has resulted in rules being enforced more, AI starting lawsets being limited to Asimov,Crewsimov, Robocop and Corporate, and a new plan to reward active maintainers has been decided;
One of our primary sources of lag, dating back to November 2017, has been tracked down and fixed https://github.com/HippieStation/Hippie ... /pull/8280 , this caused an important upgrade in our server's performance;
Antagonist Reputation and shuttle autocall (when less than 20% of crew is alive) have been enabled;
Gamemode chances have been changed, decreasing traitor and ling's chances in exchange of rarer gamemodes such as cult and rev, along with their population requirements being lowered;
Hippie Station has been added to the discord rich presence tool by qwertyquerty: https://github.com/qwertyquerty/ss13rp ;
Rules have been updated to incentivize interesting gameplay and to cut down on the binary validity that makes the game bland;
A guide to get started with git has been made to convince people to start coding https://wiki.hippiestation.com/index.ph ... ing_up_git , along with an actual DM coding guide being prepared;
Server added to the server list located on https://spacestation13.com/about/ ;
Round start lag has been fixed by /tg/, thus taking down yet another cause of our lag;
Round start failure has been tracked down and reported upstream, fix to come soon;
Lastly, gangs are coming back. https://github.com/HippieStation/Hippie ... /pull/8363

That's it for now, more's being done. Regarding gangs, they shouldn't take more than some days to be merged and turned on. We'd like to make an event to welcome back our beloved gamemode on the 30th of this month, aka three days from now: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ ... 248&p3=179

About our future objectives, apart from the event, there are a few sources of lag that need to be analyzed, to improve the server's performance even more. Not everything can be fixed, for example certain crashes that some players have experienced, since they're most likely caused by using the latest byond beta which is prone to bugs. Another thing I wanted to do is a DM coding guide, useful to get started in fixing small bugs and coding features, so that more people can join the development of our codebase. In the next weeks, we will try to finally decide a winner for our logo contest, look into getting a more fitting style for our forum and increase population and fun on the server.
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