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Game Rules

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Game Rules

Learn your numbers here so you don't get banned.

1. Don't be a massive dick.
If you feel like you shouldn't be doing something then you're probably right.
If you go out of your way to ruin rounds, best case scenario you'll wind up dead. Worst case scenario is you'll end up banned.
If you grief, sabotage, release hostile mobs, generally cause dickish chaos, destroy parts of the station etc as a non antagonist, you will be banned instantly.
Purposefully accuse someone of being an antagonist without justification or evidence supporting it can result in the person's death and is considered grief.
Do not force others into erotic roleplay. Just don't.
Non-antags are expected to escalate situations properly by responding with reasonable force, critting or killing over petty issues (e.g. shoe theft) is not allowed. Rule of thumb is "an eye for eye", don't kill someone who disarmed you a few times.
For more info on the previous, look towards rule 6.

2. Rules for antagonists:
Only rules 4,5,7,8 and 10 apply.
Do not camp arrivals (including the main arrivals hall) for kills.
Solo antagonists may do whatever they wish, though completing objectives is encouraged.
Team antagonists must cooperate with each other, and work together towards their objectives; they may do this however they want, they may not kill each other.
Murderboning is discouraged, as it causes mass unfun for the dead. Admins may interfere through ingame means, such as by dispatching an ERT team, or more.

3. End of round is defined as the time after the shuttle docks on central command, and non antagonist related rules apply until that moment.
Once the round ends, you can act as an antagonist and go wild, not before.

4. Roleplaying is fine, but not enforced.
Your name has to be coherent and readable.
Clowns/Mimes/Silicons/Other races have lowered standards for names.
Joining to solely play antagonist roles is not allowed, no matter your job type.
Do not use parentheses, emoticons, acronyms or post links in IC.
Do not misuse custom emotes (/me) to display information you'd have no way of emoting (ie. /me is innocent /me is a mime /me doesn't care you asshole).
Using information outside of your job is allowed. I.e. A medical doctor setting up the engine.
Having knowledge of all traitor types is allowed. I.e. John Smith is a traitor/nuke op/changeling/etc.
If you act like an antag , expect to be treated like one: Using antag gear (e.g. emagging airlocks or using an esword) is a valid reason to kill somebody. Simply having antagonist gear in your possession is not, however you may still be arrested and permabrigged for having it.

5. Do not use bug/exploits to break the game.
Bugs that are incredibly malicious (crashing the round etc) should be reported to admin/coders discreetly via adminhelp.
Be responsible and disclose all other bugs on the github issue tracker.

6. Self Defense:
Killing as a non antagonist is only allowed in self defense, when lethal intent can be assumed from the attacker. Antags are obviously considered lethal so they can be killed on sight.
Beating someone into critical is considered murder for these rules.
If people are actively preventing you from doing your job via theft of ID cards or unique equipment, you may use force to retrieve said equipment or ID cards.
Lethal Intent:
Lethal intent is when an assailant is using lethal firearms with intent to kill; combining stun, cuffs and strips wordlessly; stunning and attacking with a deadly weapon; chasing you with stun weapon for little reason etc.
If a non-sec does stun, attempts to cuff/strip then it's usually lethal. But, if after a search they let you go, it's non-lethal.
Security arresting people is part of their job, therefore this rule does not apply for this case.
If the target cannot be restrained (hulks, one armed people) then lethal force is authorized. Unless you have reason to keep them crit/dead, heal them afterwards.

7. Multikeying, Metagaming, Metacommunication, Metafriending and Metagrudging:
Multikeying is any action that involves a person using more than one Byond account in a round.
Metagaming can be defined as any out of character action made by a player's character which makes use of knowledge that the character is not meant to be aware of (For instance opening a locker with ones traitor gear in it less than 30 seconds after joining the round), typically involving utilising OOC communication provided by a friend.
Metacommunication is defined as using an external chat or voice over IP client to talk about the current round. This includes OOC.
Metafriending is the act of retaining friendships from past rounds and using it to influence your decisions in-game. Each round is a fresh and new one, you aren't allowed to retain knowledge from previous rounds unless it's something harmless like your character's skills.
Metagrudging is the act of holding grudges over rounds and letting this influence your IC decisions, an example of this is if someone slips you and steals your shoes last round and you spend the rest of the round trying to get them back but never find the guy. To make up for this next round you find the same guy in the next round and try to attack him with the aim of stealing his shoes and locking him in a room.
All of these will be treated on a case by case basis. Punishments may be modified based on the circumstances.
In-game mechanics that are meant to let you interface with ghosts are obviously exempt from this rule, such as the scrying orb.
Metacommunication to teach a friend is okay PROVIDED you let an admin online know via adminhelp, as long as it doesn't include metagaming.

8. Failure to respond to administrator private messages is an automatic permaban. You are usually given a small grace period.
Admittedly sometimes people might have connection issues or computer freezes and the like. That is fair enough, if you appeal it on those grounds it's much more likely to be reversed.
Even a short message responding back to the PMing admin is enough.

9. If you don't get assigned an antagonist role, then you aren't an antagonist.
Do not self-antag. If an antagonist spares your life you are not allowed to help them kill. Asking to be rev/cult/gang/thrall/mindslave etc counts as self-antagging.

10. Do not use adminhelp unless you require administrator assistance to resolve an issue or ask a question.
When using adminhelp, you are handing control of the case to the admin. Do not take revenge until an admin says you can.
When using adminhelp, provide as much information about your issue as you can within the first report.
If you adminhelp about someone griefing you and we find out you were killed because you started a fight with someone and lost, then you'll be dealt with accordingly.

11. Heads and Security
If you repeatedly end up being incompetent as a certain job or disconnecting as head roles without informing an admin we have the right to job ban you until we're confident enough you won't slip up again. Your ineptitude or leaving can often cause major problems later on in the round.
Security is expected to care for suspects they brig. Their cell timer, possessions, any injuries that are killing them (bleeding/poison) are your responsibility.
Security's job is to non-lethally detain criminals where possible, not being fully equipped on your own accord to non-lethally detain is not an excuse. Lethal action is justified only if used in self defense.
Execution of a criminal is allowed if the Captain/acting or Head of Security give permission for it. The criminal must have committed a capital crime to warrant execution.
Perma can be used for the cases where permission is negated for a criminal whose crimes are either capital or the total time exceedes ten minutes.

12. Rules for being a silicon role:
Follow your laws:
Silicon laws take priority in the order that they are listed. Law 0s hold the highest priority, after which are Malf Laws and then onto Law 1 which is higher priority than law 2, etc.
If a silicon has no laws loaded, it can do whatever it wants.
Traitor or malfunctioning AIs laws allow them to do what they want.
You may loophole your laws within reason:
Misspellings, technical definitions, poor definitions and such are usually fine.
Cyborgs are expected to listen to their master AI's interpretation of ambiguous laws.
Actively allowing the rewriting or purging of your laws may result in violation of your current lawset.
Do not change your intreperation of a law unless your master AI or an admin instructs you to do so. Any law that 'overrides all other laws' only applies to laws below it in terms of priority.
Humans are to be defined as the human race.
Changelings/Shadowlings/Vampires are non-human.
Crew is to be defined as any personnel on the crew manifest.
These definitions may be redefined in other laws.
When given normal non-malicious lawsets, you are not an antagonist, thus all the rules apply to you.
This means don't kill non-humans as asimov for no reason. Don't execute people as paladin for doing minor crimes. Don't shut down power in areas to "minisise expenses" as corporate AI etc. Be reasonable with your laws.

13. There are only three instances where grief protection is negated:
Reading any copypasta over the radio or intercom as any job immediately forfeits all of your grief protection, but only your protection.
When you are a monkey (or a Cluwne) you can kill people at will but can be killed at the same time. We will not intervene if someone kills you as a monkey, however if you purposefully get yourself monkied just so you can go around killing people we'll refer you back to rule 1 and punish you.
Catbeasts are the only race with no grief protection, people are allowed to grief them as they please, Catbeasts are not allowed to fight back. If a Catbeast somehow is on whatever antag team you're on (cult, rev, nukeops), then don't kill them.
Catbeasts may act in self defense and only self defense with non-lethal stuns or disarms, they cannot cuff.
Sentient mobs (controlled by players) not listed previously may only be killed if they act hostile, for example golems.

This is not a comprehensive list. As Draconian as it sounds; Hippie Station 13 admins have the final say on who stays and who goes.

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