Wild patreon appears

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Wild patreon appears

Post by Carbonhell » April 4th, 2019, 10:19 am

Hello, as you may know already, we officially opened up a patreon to fund the server around a week ago. The patreon was made mainly to gather funds to create code bounties, so that coders from other servers may decide to help us with our issues and suggestions. Now that we received the first payment and everything seems to work, it is time to make it official and explain a few things.

This is our official patreon, for now the staff has agreed to spend the cash on bounties, which will be discussed among the staff and ultimately authorized and deployed by a Headmin (usually me) by following a template.

How does it work?
So, basically, we get x amount of cash every month from our beloved patrons. Then, we discuss a potential list of bugs that hugely impact the server, add all accepted suggestions to that, to then get a list of possible bounty-worth issues.
Headmins decide which issues are top priority, based on how much cash we got and how we can split it evenly based on the issue's difficulty, with the help of a Hippie Maintainer for the code related questions (it'd be ugly to spend cash on one line fixes).
Once the issues have been picked, this template is pasted in the issue, and the "Bounty" label is applied to them:

Code: Select all

 Bounty: x$ // Amount of dollars the bounty is worth

 Description of the bounty:

// Here goes what the bounty is about. Could be simply fixing the issue related to it anyhow, or have some other criteria that has to be followed, for example implementing a feature using existing frameworks.

 Criteria list

// List of criteria that has to be met to consider the bounty completed

The bounty will be paid out when the PR closing the issue is merged. Once a PR is made for a bounty, it will be testmerged for a week when maintainers approve it, so that players can test it to see if it actually resolves the issue in the proper way (If the implementation for the requested feature is correct, or if a bug has been actually fixed, and such). 
Bounties are paid with paypal only, so be sure you can accept payments with this system.
As the template says, there will be exact criterias the possible implementation needs to meet. One example may be that the PR needs to be fully modularized, and follow all our code standards, which is the bare minimum. Other criterias could be implementing a bug fix in a certain way, or such.
Payments will only be done through PayPal, if you cannot receive payments from it, don't bother doing the bounties.

What do I get if I decide to become a patron?
There are two tiers right now. The 1$ one will give you a discord role called "Donator", with a nice golden color. The 5$ one will include this role, along with a role ingame which includes golden OOC color, a special icon before your name (Similar to byond members' one)

The Patreon is still under development so for now we are only able to do code bounties. Once we get enough funding we will be able to fully pay the server maintenance costs, as one of our end goals. Before that, however we will most likely use funds for other activities on the server. We will let you know of any updates we make.
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