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by dadols
July 11th, 2018, 10:13 pm
Forum: Contests
Topic: Hippie Forums Logo -Design competition
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Re: Hippie Forums Logo -Design competition

Crunion wrote:
July 10th, 2018, 7:37 pm
fafafaf.png cheyuh
this one is actually cool, but I don't think it fits as a logo for the forum, but it's really nice :D
by dadols
June 27th, 2018, 4:14 pm
Forum: Accepted Appeals
Topic: dadols, permanent ban by dindustuffin
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dadols, permanent ban by dindustuffin

CKey: dadols Character Name: N/A Banning Admin: dindustuffin Ban Date and Round ID: #14421 2016/08/09 Ban Reason: Metagaming. AGAIN. Ban Type: Permanent. Ban Length: Permanent. Why should I be unbanned: To be honest, I'm sorry for what I've done, I've never meant to hurt anyone; I don't remember mu...