How to emulate Cuban Pete and get banned, all the while not using even one TTV

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How to emulate Cuban Pete and get banned, all the while not using even one TTV

Post by Lunaman223 » June 7th, 2019, 8:33 pm

Alternatively known as, Doctor Strangecap, or How I learned to stop worrying and love the plasma tank.

Today I will teach you degenerates how to make a maxcap that fits in a plasmatank, completely bypassing the need for TTVs. This is done in toxins, but can be easily moved to atmos since they're even better suited to making tritium.

This first image showcases the needed components:1 toolbox with tools, 4 cans of oxy, 2 of plasma and a rapid pipe-laying device.

This is the beginning toxins lab burner room. You'll need to change it.
First, max out both of the pumps.
Change the Air Alarm Scrubber to scrub tritium only, and set it to expanded range.
Disassemble the freezer in the room, use a screwdriver on the machine board changing it to a heater and build it right of the apc.
Change the pipe layout to make it look like this.
Set the heater to 373.14 Kelvin exactly and turn it on.

Wrench the oxygen canisters, one at a time until they're empty, on the bottom connector.
Add an empty yellow canister to the top connector.
After adding the 3 oxy canisters, change the pressure of the bottom pump to 50Kpa then wrench down one of the plasma canisters to the bottom connector and press the igniter button. It will start a plasmaburn which will now start producing tritium.
While the tritium is being made, heat the remaining 1 plasma and 1 oxy canister on the heater at the bottom of the room to 373.14. It must get to that exact temperature or the bomb won't work.
After 1 canister is done heating, turn off the heater and disassemble it using a screwdriver and crowbar on it. Rebuild it in the same place and shift the pipe connecting by using a screwdriver and wrench on it until it is connected to the top connector again.

After putting the last canister to heat, go back to the tritium canister. It should now have around 120 moles of tritium and be cooled to 373.14K. Unwrench it and move it next to the other 2 tanks.

Now, look at this setup from the toxins lab at roundstart.. You'll have to change it.

Turn that into this.
Put the tritium canister and the heated oxygen on the first 2 connectors. Put an empty yellow canister onto the third connector, the right-most one.
Wrench down the bitches, turn the mixer on at max pressure and wait until there's no more tritium in the bottom canister. Ratio should be 50/50. Afterwards, turn off the mixer and unwrench all of the canisters.
Scan the resulting canister, it should look like this.
If it doesn't, you're a dumb nigger.
You fucked something up, try again or ask me or steamp0rt how to fix it or what you've done wrong.

Now, very important. Unwrench and re-wrench the mixer, otherwise there will still be some residual gas in there, fucking your ratios up.

Wrench the resulting trit/oxy canister down, on the bottom connector. Wrench the heated plasma one on the left connector. Wrench an empty air pump on the right connector.
Change the ratio as such. Node 1: 74 | Node 2: 26 and turn it on after the ratios were changed.

The gas will move into the air pump. After it stops going in, unwrench the air pump. That's the important thing now.
Congratulations, you've done the difficult part. Now we'll assemble the bomb itself.
Take a plasma tank from the dispenser next to the vendor and put it in a portable air scrubber from the top of the room. Activate the scrubber and remove the tank once it's empty.
Put the now empty tank in the air pump, change its direction from OUT to IN, max out the pressure regulator and turn the pump on. It will cap out at 2533 Kpa. Turn it off and remove the tank.

Add an trigger to the tank. Triggers are made by attaching together an igniter and a signaller/health sensor/proximity detector/voice analyzer.
The bomb will look like this now.
Use a lit welding torch on the bomb to burn pressure holes in it, otherwise it won't explode and voila. You got a singlecap.
Now just activate it and enjoy a nuclear holocaust.

If you have questions, contact me over the discord, :scheming: is my name on the server or ask in the thread.
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Re: How to emulate Cuban Pete and get banned, all the while not using even one TTV

Post by diegoxt45 » June 10th, 2019, 9:47 pm

thanks daddy i've been wanting to try toxins for like a month
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Re: How to emulate Cuban Pete and get banned, all the while not using even one TTV

Post by Manu9123 » Yesterday, 3:56 pm

woah time to blow station up as an traitor
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Re: How to emulate Cuban Pete and get banned, all the while not using even one TTV

Post by karma » Yesterday, 4:05 pm

only works on hippie so i cant grief with it. what's the point?>
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