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Game Rules

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1: Don't be a dick.
If you feel like you shouldn't be doing something, you're probably right.
Going out of your way to ruin rounds will end with you dead at best, banned at worst.
Sabotaging parts of the station, releasing hostile mobs and causing chaos for no reason counts as being a dick.
Do not start fights or chaos on the Emergency Shuttle unless the round has already ended.
Clowns and Mimes are given more leeway, but are still bound to this rule.
Under Declaration of War, don't grief in general.

2: Validity and Escalation
Under no circumstance are you not allowed to fight back.
When you engage in a fight, you have two options. You can choose to adminhelp, or you can choose to fight back.
An eye for an eye. You can kill a guy for griefing you or escalated conflict, but not if he only disarmed you two times.
Don't kill Security just for doing their job. You may still fight if permabrigged or about to be executed.
Security should abstain from killing people or grief unless absolutely necessary, or the target is an antagonist. Brig people instead.
If you are an Antagonist, Catbeast, read erotic copypastas out loud, or a Cluwne, you are valid. Catbeasts and copypasta-readers cannot defend themselves lethally, nor can they cuff assailants or grief under any means.
Threatening to adminhelp/call admins on someone IC forfeits any protections you may have had.

2.5: Antagonist Rules
Antagonists do not have to obey Rule 1, or anything written above Rule 2.5.
Do not grief your teammates. Your teammates should have an icon to the right of their character.
Do not spawncamp arrivals.
In the extremely rare event that your teammate happens to be a catbeast or a cluwne, don't grief them.

3: Hippiestation is Low/Lax Roleplay
Roleplaying is not enforced outside of a few conditions:
Don't talk about the current round in OOC unless it has ended.
Don't have a pants-on-head retarded name. Antagonists, Clowns and Mimes are excused from this.
Don't use emoticons, parenthesis, usernames/ckeys, or leetspeak in IC.
No forced erotic roleplay.
Antag fishing or self-antagging is not allowed. Do not assist antagonists and do not attempt to make yourself an antagonist.
Insulting admins IC, shitposting in ahelps, or praying stupid things may get admins to kill you.
Metagaming is strictly forbidden:
Do not use information you've gained while dead. (e.g. who the antagonists are, where your killer is).
If you are teaching a friend how to play, adminhelp first or risk being banned for metacommunication.
Metacommunication is using an external chat or voice over IP client to talk about the current round.
Metafriending is the act of retaining friendships from past rounds. Conversely, Metagrudging is the act of holding grudges over rounds.
Punishments for metagaming will be particularly severe. Metacomms will always result in a permanent ban.

4: Obey your laws as a silicon.
If you have laws, you're a silicon.
Laws take priority in the order that they are listed, top to bottom.
Silicons are not anchored to Rule 1 or Rule 2. Rule 2.5 still applies to silicon antagonists. Your laws are otherwise replacements for those rules.
You may still freely murder catbeasts, cluwnes, and copypasta readers regardless of lawset.
You may loophole every law you have, unless you are currently emagged. Loopholing default lawsets in order to be annoying will get you killed at best, banned at worst.
Roundstart races count as human under Asimov.
Vampires and Pillar Men are not human, any roles or antagonists that do not spawn on the station are not crew.

As draconian as it sounds, Hippiestation Admins have the final say on what stays and what goes. Some discretion is allowed in the event where things are funny or a net-positive for the round.
The goal for the admins is to ensure the round stays fun.

If you believe that an admins idea of the rules is about as retarded as an autistic twelve year old with down syndrome and late-stage creutzfeldt-jakob disease's idea of quantum physics, then go to Admin Complaints.
If you think you were punished unfairly, or can prove that your dog did in fact get on your computer and grief the server, then go to Ban Appeals

Short FAQ:
What does being a dick actually mean?Show
Being a dick is playing the round (or multiple rounds) specifically to trash the place, adding nothing of value to the server. While it's true that HippieStation is extremely lenient on general grief, and you're allowed to get away with a lot including stealing I.Ds and in some cases outright murder without getting banned, even we don't want players who are just here to run around killing people and actively make the experience worse. This doesn't mean any and all grief is banned, other servers ban far more than we do and you'll generally be let off the hook on a lot. However if we notice that you're just here to ruin rounds, are too stupid to operate on extremely basic outlines, or want to rules lawyer your way into shoving people into lockers for twenty minutes for no reason, then you'll likely not last long.
For example, some things on the side like launching the shuttle early, suicide bombing (typically with medium/large bombs), or neglecting your duty as a head of staff may get admins to yell at you depending on how severe/dumb it is.
Excessively linetoeing/"rules lawyering" to be a dick will get you banned as well. Saying "it's not specifically written in the rules" to try and justify you griefing someone is the tell-tale sign that you're just being a dick and that you aren't worth the trouble.
What's a list of things that generally makes people valid?Show
Flooding the hallways with chempiles, specifically lethal chems like mutagen or lexorin. The latter of which is adminhelpable, as it can very easily rack up a lot of bodies.
Botanists running around changing everyone's races into weird things, especially shadowpeople.
Trashing/deconning entire departments for no good reason (if you see a guy doing this every round, adminhelp or make a ban request, this is rule 1 material). You are allowed to defend your department.
Since you can't usually determine what's in a syringe when you get shot, beating the crap out of a guy for shooting you with one is generally fair game. Especially if you notice your health going down, drowsiness, or fire.
Monkeying people for no good reason. If you get turned into a monkey, feel free to beat the shit out of the guy who monkeyed you, especially because simple animals are not protected under the rules.
Obviously, reading Woody's Got Wood or any erotic copypasta over comms is a reason to kill a guy. If they're spamming chat in general, pummeling them is usually accepted.
Flooding harmful gasses like plasma, N2O, or CO2. You should adminhelp if you see someone do this, as no non-antag should reasonably ever unleash these.
Conversely, venting entire areas to space for no good reason.
Medium to large scale bombs. Again, adminhelp. Even small bombs can be very dangerous.
Possessing traitor gear. Or just being a traitor.
As hulks are impossible to stun and otherwise difficult to restrain, admins will generally let you crit them first so you can cuff them. Outright murdering someone for being a hulk is frowned upon unless they're smashing everything in sight.
Simple animals, monkeys, gorillas, etc. are not protected under any rule besides 2.5 in the odd case that they're a teammate.
(Updated September 8th, 2019.)